About Us

Chancellor's Council on Diversity 2015-2016

  • Dr. Vicky Carwein, Chancellor - Ex Officio
  • Kenneth Christmon, Associate Vice Chancellor Diversity and Multicultural Affairs- Chair
  • Kristina Creager, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Transitions
  • Julie Creek, Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
  • Dr. Quniton Dixie, Assosiate Professor, Ethnic & Cultural Studies Program Director
  • Steve George, Assistant Director of Physical Plant Fiscal Affairs (APSAC Representative)
  • Tim Heffron, Assoiate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Jordyn Hogan, Assistant Director of International Education
  • Brian Johnson, Dental Education Office Secretary (CSSAC Representative)
  • Dr. Ahmed Mustafa, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Parveen Quarrar, Professor of Biology
  • Wade Smith, IPSGA Student Body President
  • James Velez, Assistant Director of Student Life
  • Dr. Nancy Virtue, Professor of French
  • Eric Wagenfeld, Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Gabrielle Warner, Program Coordinator, The Resource Center