Indiana–Purdue Student Government Association

Vice President of Finance Candidates

The Student Body Vice President of Finance serves as the financial officer and office manager for IPSGA and chairs the Allocations Committee.

2017 Candidates

James Hoppes (Incumbent)

James Hoppes

James Hoppes is a senior majoring in Physics/Biophysics/Mechanical Engineering Tech. He has two other jobs; one in providing hospitality services to military veterans at The American Legion and the other as a lab TA in the Physics department. He is currently the treasurer for the Society of Physics Students and was voted the 2014-2015 IPSGA Member of the Year. James has served as Chair of Legislative Affairs in IPSGA for three years before his role as Vice President of Finance, and in that time has always fought for the rights and benefit of students and improving the efficiency of IPSGA. James plans to further develop the Vice President of Finance position to Vice President of Financial and Academic Affairs. Motivated by the lack of student voice in LSA and USAP, he will ensure a student voice is heard in academics.

Kaylyn O'Dell

Kaylyn ODell

Kaylyn O'Dell is currently a junior majoring in actuarial science with a minor in business and has been a member of the Student Activities Board for three years. She has also served on the IPSGA Allocations committee for the past three years. Kaylyn is running for Vice President of Finance to help students to be more informed and to get the students feedback of what she can do to help them. Kaylyn wants to do biweekly tabling to get students' feedback and informing them of what is going on with IPFW. 


For information on running for this office, contact the IPSGA Office at 260-481-6586, or