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Sending an E-mail in Blackboard Learn

Sending an E-mail in Blackboard Learn

The Email tool is not the same as the Message tool in Blackboard Learn. The Email tool is designed for external e-mail messages only, and therefore, e-mail messages are not kept in Blackboard Learn.

Note: By default, the e-mail address connected to Blackboard Learn will be the IPFW e-mail that is linked to your IPFW account, ending in

Note: The instructor controls where the Email tool can be accessed from as well as if it can be accessed.

  1. From My Blackboard, click the desired course in the My Courses module.
  2. On the Course Menu, click Tools > Send Email.
    1. If it is not found here, the instructor may have disabled the Send Email tool in the course.
  3. Click Select Users, Select Groups, or Single/Select Observers users.
    1. To send an e-mail to All Users, All Groups, All Teaching Assistant Users, All Student Users, or All Instructor Users, click the corresponding link and skip step 4.
  4. Under Available to Select, click the name of the desired recipient(s) and click the Move to list of selected items button ( > ).
    1. To remove recipients, click the recipient(s) under Selected, and click the Move to list of available items button ( < ).
  5. In the Subject field, enter a subject.
  6. In the Message field, compose a message.
    1. If desired, attach a file by clicking on the Attach a file link.
  7. Click Submit to send the e-mail.
    1. The e-mail will be sent to the recipient's IPFW e-mail address that is set up in the student information system. This would be the record that is kept by the Registrar's office.

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