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Minimum Campus Network Requirements


  • Computer must be equipped with:
    • a wired or wireless network card (wired connections in housing only).
    • if using the wired network in housing, a cable provided by IT Services.

Faculty & Staff

  • Computer must be university-owned.
  • Computer must be equipped with:
    • a network card.
    • a cable (provided by IT Services) plugged into the network drop in your office.
    • a login client (provided by IT Services) for the IPFW Tree.


It is strongly recommended that everyone using the IPFW wired or wireless network:

  • Keep your operating system up to date with all critical patches.
  • Install and update a reputable antivirus program.
  • Have a firewall enabled.

Training Registration!

Current Training for Outlook 2013/Office365 is full

Please feel free to complete the July registration form for a special training request.  We also have a recording of the training that can be found at: http://www.ipfw.edu/training/microsoft-office/office365.html


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