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Printing in the Student Computer Labs

Student Computer Lab Printers

  • There are black and white laser printers available in all of the open student labs, teaching labs and in student housing labs.
  • Color printers are available in KT 217 and WU 221.
    • Note: Color printing is only available through Web Print.
  • Every student has a printing quota on a per-semester basis.
  • Printers will print single or double-sided.
  • Special paper, transparencies, and envelopes cannot be used in the printers.
  • Additional color printing is provided at IPFW's Printing Services department for a fee.

Printing Quotas

  • Each student receives a $40 printing allotment per semester which comes out of their student technology fee.
  • Pages are charged at $0.05 per side for black and white.
  • Pages are charged at $0.25 per side for color.
  • There is no charge for printing the cover/separator page.
  • Once the allotment has been used, students may go to the Bursar's office to add money to their account in $5 increments.
  • Up to $10 will be rolled-over at the end each semester.
  • The maximum allotment at the beginning of a semester will be $40 sheets plus up to $10 roll-over, totaling no more than $50.

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