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Support of Mobile Devices

Supported Resources

  • Students receive support to access to IPFW wireless and email.
  • Faculty and staff receive support to access to IPFW wireless, email, and Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Please note that not all devices can connect to IPFW wireless, email, and VPN.
  • Set up instructions are in the IT Services Knowledge Base

Supported Devices

IT Services supports devices running the following mobile operating systems:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
  • Windows Mobile

Support of new devices and operating systems not on this list will be considered as time and staffing permits. If you don't see your device on the list, you may submit a service request to have it evaluated.


IT Services will

  • Assist with setting up access to IPFW wireless, email, and VPN on the above devices.
  • Troubleshoot problems related to accessing IPFW wireless, email, and VPN.
  • When possible, remotely erase ALL DATA on a compromised (lost, stolen, etc.) university device.

The Employee will

  • Create a password on the device to prevent unauthorized access to university data.
  • Frequently back up any applications and data on the device.
  • Immediately report the loss or theft of the device to the IT Services Help Desk if it holds university data such as email or files.
  • Support any third party or beta software.
  • Contact their device provider to troubleshoot and fix hardware problems; fix issues with their cell service plans; or resolve any software problems not related to IPFW email, wireless, or VPN.

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