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Using the Virtual Keyboard on the iPad

Virtual Keyboard

  • Tap a text field to invoke the keyboard.
  • Tap .?123 key to display numbers and common symbols.
  • Tap #+= key to display additional symbols.
  • To return to the qwerty keyboard, tap the ABC key.
  • Tap the shift key (arrow pointing upward) to enable shift (arrow will turn blue).
  • Double-tap the shift key to invoke caps lock (the key will turn blue).
  • Tap delete key (arrow pointing left with X inside) to delete directly to the left of the cursor.
  • Tap and hold delete key to delete word by word.
  • Tap the keyboard key with the down arrow to close the keyboard.
  • Tap and hold a letter to add accents to the specific letter.
  • Tap and hold the .?123 key and slide to the desired number.
  • Flick up on the comma (,) key to add an apostrophe (_).
  • Flick up on the period key (.) to add quotations (").
  • The qwerty keyboard can change for different applications or text entry fields.
  • To split the keyboard, place both thumbs on the keyboard and drag outward.
  • To bring back the normal keyboard, place a thumb on each half of the keyboard and push it together.
  • In an e-mail field the comma, period key, and right .?123 key are modified for easier typing.
    • Tapping and holding the period key in this keyboard mode will allow the quick input of; .com, .net, .us, .edu, and .org
  • Double tap space bar to add a period at the end of a sentence.

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