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Preparing to Leave the University

Preparing to Leave the University

Note: These instructions apply to employees leaving the university even when they are also a student or a retiree. If assistance is needed with any of these steps, contact the IT Services Help Desk.

Note: Individuals no longer affiliated with the university are not entitled to access university data. Do not take university data with you when you leave the university. Former employees are still bound by FERPA and HIPAA regulations and the IPFW Ethical Guidelines for IT Users.

What to Do Before You Leave

  1. Contact IT Services
    1. If you are no longer an employee but are still an active student or an IPFW retiree, contact the Help Desk to discuss your options.
    2. Students keep their computer account but lose their Outlook account in favor of an IPFW Gmail account. IT Services can provide assistance with this transition.
    3. Retirees keep their computer and Outlook account but lose access to university data on their retirement date. Retirees should fill out the Emeritus/Retiree Account form well before their retirement date.
  2. Password Self Service
    1. Retirees should make sure they have security questions set so they can reset their password if forgotten.
  3. Email
    1. Set an automatic reply in Outlook to let people know you are leaving and on what date.
    2. Transfer university related email messages to an appropriate person in the department.
    3. Forward personal messages to a personal email account.*
    4. If you signed up for services (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with your IPFW account, log into these services and use your personal email address..*
    5. Export your personalcontacts, especially if you have your IPFW email set up on your phone.  The loss of your IPFW email will cause your contacts and phone numbers to disappear.*
    6. If you manage any other mailboxes in Outlook via delegated access, transfer maintenance to someone else in the department and have your access removed.
    7. If you read your IPFW mail on your phone, delete the account from your phone once you are done checking your mail.
    8. Departments: if someone is leaving your department, everyone in the department should evaluate who has delegated access to their account and make adjustments if necessary.
  4. Files on Computer
    1. Check for files on your desktop or in My Documents or other folders that the department might need. Copy them to another location such as the O drive.
    2. Copy any personal files such as photos or music to a flash drive or burn to a CD.
    3. Copy any personal bookmarks or internet favorites to a flash drive or burn to a CD.
  5. Files on I Drive
    1. Check for files on your I drive that the department might need. Copy them to another location such as the O drive.
    2. Copy personal files to a flash drive or burn to a CD.*_
  6. Update Departmental Website
    1. Evaluate your departmental web site for references to you or your position. These should be updated once you leave so your email address is not listed as a contact for the department.
  7. Personal Web Space
    1. If you have personal web space and are using it for departmental purposes, make arrangements to move the files to a different location.
    2. Copy any personal files to a flash drive or burn to a CD.*
  8. Hardware
    1. Turn in any university owned laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.
    2. Supervisors should contact IT Services about getting PC's, tablets, etc. reformatted so the next recipient starts with a clean slate.
  9. Listservs
    1. If you own or moderate any listservs, evaluate whether the list should be deleted, if ownership should be passed to someone else, etc.
  10. Payroll Information
    1. Log into OnePurdue to print or save pay stubs, etc.
  11. Blackboard
    1. Instructors should log into Blackboard to download any course files.
  12. Voicemail
    1. Retrieve and delete any messages you have in your voicemail.
    2. Record a new greeting saying you are no longer with the university.
  13. Qualtrics
    1. If you own any surveys that are used for your department, log in and transfer the survey to someone else.
  14. Vibe
    1. If you own any workspaces that are used for university purposes, log in and transfer ownership someone else.
    2. If you have any files in your personal workspace that are used for university purposes, transfer those files to someone else.
    3. Departments, if you have any team workspaces, remove the former employee from the workspace when they leave.

* Not necessary for retirees who are keeping their account.
* Not necessary for former employees who are also active students.

What Not to Do Before You Leave

  1. Do not give your username and password to others to sign in with.
  2. Do not delete university data from your email, network drives or other locations. Instead, transfer the data to an appropriate person in the department.

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