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Password Requirements for IPFW Accounts

Note: Password criteria for IPFW computer accounts.

IPFW Network Password Requirements

IPFW network account passwords must follow these criteria:

  • Be at least 8 but no more than 30 characters long.
  • Begin with a letter.
  • Include at least one number.
  • Contain at least 4 different characters. (For example, you couldn't use ababab88 because it contains only three different characters: a, b, and 8.)
  • Not include special characters such as $ (dollar sign), ? (question mark), & (ampersand), @ (at), or / (forward slash) but may include _ (underscore), # (pound or hash), or . (period).
  • Not contain your name or parts of your name.
  • Not be anything you've used within the last calendar year.

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