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WebEx provides on-demand collaborative web meetings and conferencing. Faculty and staff can use WebEx to hold classes online, present webinars, and provide online office hours.

*WebEx requires an extention to be installed on all browsers.

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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a software to create information and general presentations, online training materials, web conferencing, learning modules, and user desktop sharing.

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Outlook is a messaging and collaboration platform that supports email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management. It also supports WebAccess, the browser-based webmail client.

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Novell Vibe

Novell Vibe is a web-based team collaboration platform. Novell Vibe can serve as a knowledge repository, a document management system, a project collaboration hub, and a process automation machine. It supports documents, calendars, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, tasks, and more.

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