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Web Accessibility Training

About Web Accessibility Training

As of February 2011, IT Services Training will offer group and individual training for IPFW Web Authors in best practices for creating Web sites that are accessible to the entire IPFW community. This training, initially, will be by invitation only.

The official informational Web Accessibility site is part of the Office of Institutional Equity. The Web Accessibility site provides policy and planning information. The IT Services Training site is dedicated to providing Web Authors with additional self-help examples and how-to directions for using the Web Accessibility Checklist.

Getting Started

Creating an accessible Web site begins with an understanding of what it means to be Web accessible. Accessibility helps everyone. Currently, there are two different sets of guidelines that are often referred to when talking about Web Accessibility. You should start by getting acquainted with both:

Indiana University and Purdue University have both established policies for Web Accessibility. IPFW is included under Purdue's Web Accessibility Policy (v.2.1) 

For Faculty: Library Guide created by Ludwinka Goodson and Kathie Surface.

  • Use multi-media, multiple ways of communicating.
  • Use web accessibility as an integral part of course design to improve learning outcomes for all students.
  • Start with making syllabi, PowerPoints, and PDFs web-accessible.

Directions:Click the logo to go to IPFW lynda portal page. Navigate back to this page and click the training link to access the training videos

IPFW lynda Portal Page

Web Accessibility training

  • Techniques are primarily for Dreamweaver, but contain information and best practices good for all Web publishers.


Streaming videos 1 min. to 1 hour

Accessibility 'How to' information for Adobe applications, Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash.