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Q: Is it possible to recognize the signs of schizophrenia in yourself and would you subsequently be able to work towards preventing the full blown disorder or managing some of the symptoms of schizophrenia by yourself? For example, if you had a family history of schizophrenia and other mental illness, so you were aware of the signs and recognized some of these in yourself, is it possible to will yourself out of it without professional help? Are there medications that can be prescribed by your family physician to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia? If this person should seek professional help, how effective would regular visits to a counselor/psychologist be versus in-patient care in a mental health facility?

A: Yes it is possible to recognize some of the symptoms of schizophrenia in yourself. There is a genetic predisposition or tendency to schizophrenia. Treatment is necessary from a health care provider for anyone with signs or symptoms of schizophrenia. It is best to be treated by a psychiatrist and counselor as this is their specialty area. Your family doctor is a good place to start as he or she can check out any physical causes for the symptoms and then refer to the appropriate agency, psychiatrist or counselor. Usually hospitalization is necessary initially to perform a work up and rule out any organic or physical causes for the symptoms. Outpatient treatment can be done if the person is not dangerous to self or others, able to cooperate with treatment and have a good support system in place. If you are concerned about yourself or a family member having this illness please seek help. The clinic can be of assistance to you for information or referrals. If you already have a family physician I would work with them as they are aware of the medical and family history.

Q: Does the campus clinic offer any STD testing?

A: The clinic does provide low-cost testing for STD screening. To decrease your risk of contracting an STD, we encourage you to come to the clinic for free condoms and information on their proper use. Thanks for your question!

Q: Can someone who's not a student of your school still use the STD testing services you offer?

A: Students (Anywhere), staff, faculty and immediate family members in the same household can use the services at the IPFW/Parkview Health & Wellness clinic. All services are available at low rates. In addition to testing for STDs we do yearly exams, prescribe birth control, and offer free condoms to help you protect yourself from contracting an STD. To set up an appointment please call 260-481-5748.

Q: A friend of mine is recovering from a two month bout of shingles. She still has some symptoms, so the episode is not completely over. Are shingles contagious? Can, for example, someone who has just had a quadruple bypass surgery catch them from her?

A: Shingles (Herpes Zoster) is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. People who are immunocompromised (those who have AIDS or have received chemotherapy for cancer) are at risk as well as the elderly. Shingles are contagious, but about 1/3 as contagious as chicken pox. However, anyone who is stressed, such as after surgery may be at greater risk along with anyone over age 50. I would think your friend no longer has active lesions (open or draining) and would have healed (scabbed) lesions which would make the likelihood of transmission much less

Q: I would like to know if IPFW offers any type of a grief support service that would welcome non staff or students, or if you could recommend a community support group for grief. (for an adult)

A: The Joanne B Lantz Counselor Education Clinic here on campus offers many different types of services including grief counseling. They are open to all ages and you do not need to have any affiliation with the campus to attend. Appointments can be made by calling 260-481-5479 or 260-481-5405.

There are also many different community support groups. To find one to fit your specific needs you can call First Call For Help at 260-744-0700. They are a fantastic resource for area services of all kinds. If we can be of more help, please let us know.

Q: I have a history of depression and suicidal tenancies on both sides of my family. I also suffer from depression. I would like to seek counsel for my depression to find out how to cope with it and if I might be a candidate for antidepressant drugs. I am a full-time student and work part-time. I don't have much money. I could and would pay for treatment but I know that psychiatrists are beyond my budget. What should I do?

A: Free counseling services are offered on campus in Walb 111. To set up an appointment you can call 260-481-6601. The counselors there are wonderful and can help you talk through things. As far as medication is concerned, you can come to the health clinic in Walb, Room 234. We do take some insurances but if you don't have coverage a visit charge is only $35. (Labs are always additional) We will give samples when we can but also have programs for prescription assistance if you qualify through the drug company guidelines. We encourage you to get treatment ASAP and would love to help you if you'd like. We can be reached by phone at 260-481-5748.