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Social Media

Students, staff, and faculty share their thoughts and expand their communities through all kinds of social media platforms; that's why IPFW uses key social media outlets to join the conversation and engage its audiences.

The IPFW Social Media team manages IPFW's primary social media outlets, including:

Through these outlets, the Social Media team answers questions, collects feedback, promotes campus events, and helps students get more involved with life in the university.

In addition, the IPFW Social Media team advises departments, units, affiliated organizations, and recognized student organizations in the planning, creation, care, and feeding of a social media presence. In the near future, the Social Media team will produce training and development documents aimed at the internal audience, as well as comprehensive guidelines covering all major social media platforms.

Curious for more information about how IPFW uses social media? Here are some case studies of specific campus customer service solutions that started as conversations on social media:

For information about social media at IPFW, contact Valerie Gough, social media manager, at 260-481-6848 or goughv@ipfw.edu.