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Internal Marketing Project Support


To: All Faculty and Staff

From: Jack Patton, Director of Marketing

Date: November 7, 2012

Subject: Internal Marketing Project Support

1. Campus Encouraged to Develop Internal Marketing Collateral Independent of MCS Effective January 2, 2013

To leverage the new IPFW Identity System standards and best practices, as well as to improve Marketing and Creative Services’ (MCS) external focus and project turnaround time, the campus will be encouraged to develop brand-appropriate marketing material for internal audiences beginning January 2, 2013. Internal audiences are considered to be the campus-at-large, existing faculty and staff, and enrolled students. Vice chancellors will be responsible for this material based on criteria established in the IPFW Identity System. Marketing material that targets external audiences should continue to be produced by MCS.

2. Client Procedures and Tools; Clarification of Marketing and Creative Services’ Role

Clients requesting projects for these internal audiences will be encouraged to develop brand-appropriate material based on criteria established in the IPFW Identity System and use the following tools provided by MCS:

  • Project templates for stationery (i.e., letterhead and envelopes), posters, fliers, email newsletters, invitations, announcements, programs, newsletters, and brochures
  • IPFW Identity System microsite, which includes downloadable assets (e.g., university marks and signatures), best practices, tips, and frequently asked questions
  • Training sessions, which will be announced
  • New artwork submission form for projects targeting external audiences
  • Revised MCS project submission form

MCS will continue to support projects associated with prospective/admitted students or parents, high school principals or guidance counselors, prospective faculty or staff, alumni, community influencers or the general public, and donors. MCS will continue to approve the use of the university mark for any project associated with these external audiences. Also, MCS will be responsible for maintaining the IPFW Identity System standards, including alteration and placement of the university mark (i.e., seal, logo, signature, or typeface) and commercial use of the mark through our licensing partner, Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA), which administers the license application process on our behalf and assists with enforcement issues.

Please bookmark ipfw.edu/internal-marketing for future reference.

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