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Marketing and Creative Services

University Standards, Digital Assets, and Project Support

Marketing and Creative Services develops and maintains the following tools to help campus and vendors achive the best results for marketing initiatives.

IPFW Identity System

Helps the university consistently communicate engaging messages and visual identity. Establishing a strong identity is an ongoing, collaborative effort and Marketing and Creative Services is your partner. To assist you in your day-to-day efforts, we’ve provided the following resources through our microsite:

  • Guidelines for using university trademarks and signatures
  • Information Architecture Standards
  • Features and Benefits of IPFW
  • Editorial Style Guide

Access IPFW Identity System at identity.ipfw.edu


IPFW’s digital asset catalog; your resource for images and identity assets to use in your marketing projects, presentations, and materials. For use by IPFW faculty, staff, and selected partners. Note that you will have to contact IT Services for a password. Vault is:

  • Web-based digital asset catalog
  • Catalog of IPFW Identity System assets, including trademarks and more (Remember to contact IT Services for a password)
  • Repository for IPFW Identity System signatures
  • Photo catalog of IPFW people, buildings, events, activities, and more
  • Completely searchable for easy access

Access Vault at ipfw.edu/vault


As the IPFW campus is encouraged to create marketing materials for internal (on-campus) audiences, Marketing and Creative Services provides a series of templates as a starting point for creating print material that:

  • Enables the campus to create internal marketing material
  • Supports the IPFW Identity System
  • Extends the IPFW Identity across campus
  • Meets IPFW Information Architecture Standards

Access the templates as ipfw.edu/templates

Template Training

  • Available based on need.
  • Marketing and Creative Services will provide training sessions throughout the year to familiarize the campus with university standards, tools, and protocol
  • IT Services’ User Technology Support (UTS) is available for training for specific applications, such as dotCMS, desktop publishing, InDesign, etc. If you have questions about using templates, please submit a job request with IT Services to ask for a personal training session

Marketing and Photography Request Forms

Submit job requests for print pieces, Web, digital projects, and photography at ipfw.edu/mcs-requests. If you need to document your department event, cameras are available from the IT Services Studio M.

Artwork Approval Form

If you have created your own artwork for a project, please submit it to Marketing and Creative Services for review. For more information, contact Lea Ann Powers, creative director, at powersl@ipfw.edu or 260-481-6163.