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Request for marketing materials

  • Submit a request only after you have all the necessary information [text, photos, and any other materials]. Due to the large volume of projects we handle, trying to move a project forward without all the elements is neither efficient nor cost effective.
  • We respectfully request a four-week lead time for all job requests. Once all elements are received, the project timeline is assigned, and the project will be entered into the work queue.
  • For projects that only need updates send a hard copy of the most current version of the piece to our office, Marketing & Creative Services, SS128, with changes marked in red. 
  • For new projects include as much written information as you have available about the subject matter. Ensure the information has been pre-approved by your department head. Please email text and art elements such as photos for your project to urcpubs@ipfw.edu or send these materials via campus mail to Marketing & Creative Services, SS 128.

If you have questions, please call 260-481-6428.

Fill out a Marketing Materials Request form.

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