Telephone Operations

The TELECOMMUNICATIONS CENTER is located in Kettler Hall, Room 153, and is open during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday -  7a to 11p
  • Saturday -  10a to 6p
  • Sunday - 12p to 4p


  • 260.481.6100 (phone)
  • 800.324.4739 (toll-free)
  • (email)
  • 260.481.6880 (FAX)


  • Voicemail:  260.481.5400
  • Weather closings:  260.481.5770 or 481.6050
  • Campus Emergencies:  DIAL 911


Janet I. Niswonger

Monty Stratton

Charlene Andersen

Nancy Reed

  • Telecom Center Operator
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 260-481-6100

Jan-Marie Zimmerman

Telephone Operations


Telephone Operations is included as part of the Information Technology Services Department at IPFW.  Its role is to provide excellent telephone service campus-wide and to coordinate the installation and maintenance of telephone equipment.


In order to provide accurate and expedient service to the IPFW campus, telephone operations now requires that a Request for Service form be completed.  Click on the link above for any issue/problem, including:

  1. An employee in your area that is new to the university, transferred from another department, has left your department, or is no longer with the university.  By completing this section, phone displays, voicemail boxes, and all campus directories will automatically be updated
  2. New phone lines or equipment
  3. Telephone equipment: MOVES, ADDS, or CHANGES
  4. Equipment repair
  5. Reserving a polycom phone for teleconferencing
  6. Voicemail password reset (other than new employees)
  7. Changes/additions to the campus directory (other than new employees), such as name, address, or title change


The new Telecommunications Center is enclosed at the site of the former Information Desk, and is accessible by walk-up window.  It will provide many services to faculty and staff, including:

  • Producing and maintaining the online campus directory
  • Maintaining the 911 Emergency Response directory
  • Drop-off location point for mail and FedEx pick-up
  • Lost and Found collection point
  • Providing polycom phones for conferencing
  • Providing cell phones for travel
  • Providing incoming and outgoing FAX services for staff and faculty
  • Key Operator for faculty copy machine
  • Vending machine issues