Student Life and Leadership

Forms and Policies

Our office tracks group activity as a way to gauge merit based awards, reserve space on campus, and to make sure everything is organized.

Starting Your Event

Working Together

Food Policies

  • Food Use Policy
    See this policy to ensure your event is in compliance with University standards
  • Branded Foods at IPFW
    See this sheet about which brands have rights
  • Alcohol Service Packet
    If your group is considering serving alcohol at an event, you must meet with the Activities Coordinator and submit all paperwork at least one month in advance.

Other Forms

  • Kettler Table Map
    Here is a map of tables that student organizations can reserve by submitting an Event Planning and Scheduling Form.
  • Past Activity Credit
    Use this form to receive credit for past events that took place but were not documented

Some forms may not work without the most recent version of Adobe Reader...its free!

Please bring signed forms to Student Life for processing.