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Don2Don : Student Success Coaching

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Don2Don Student Success Coaching provides ongoing support and encouragement to undergraduate students while they transition into college life, persist and achieve both academic and social success, in addition to having a positive experience at IPFW.

Values - IPFW Baccalaureate Framework

Commitment to the acquisition of knowledge: Students will learn study skills and strategies that enhance their learning experience in each class.

Commitment to the application of knowledge: Students will learn test taking strategies that enable them to demonstrate their learning.

Commitment to personal & professional values: Students will learn time management and conflict resolution skills while also enhancing their planning and goal-setting abilities.

Commitment to a sense of community: Students will be connected to events, organizations, and resource that increase their social integration and peer connections.

Commitment to critical thinking & problem solving: Students will learn to identify barriers to their success and how to incorporate effective behaviors that enhance their experience.

Commitment to communication: Students will learn effective techniques for interacting with professors.

Success Coaches

Arts & Sciences: Raija Ochola & Katie Campbell
Business: Bradley Crowe
Education & Public Policy: Brett Gauger
Engineering: Joe Eenigenburg
General Studies: Bradley Crowe
Health & Human Services: Jordn Gerardot
Visual & Performing Arts: Brett Gauger 
Special Populations: Jessica Davis & Tasha Curry
Lead Coach: Chelsey Sims

Program Structure