Student Success and Transitions

Student Success Program

Student Success Program

Students offered conditional admission to IPFW are placed in the Student Success Program (SSP). Students taking part in the SSP must attend Advising and Registration Day and New Student Orientation where they will find out more about the program and sign their participation agreement. Students admitted to the SSP will be required to register for a 1 credit hour course (IDIS 11000: Freshmen Success) during their first semester. Students who do not earn a “C-“or higher in the class will be required to repeat the class during their second term and must earn a “C-“or higher to meet program requirements. The Student Success Program sets high expectations of its students by encouraging them to actively participate in their own success. Students will be required to meet regularly with their academic advisor, earn a minimum GPA of a 2.0 each semester that they are in the program, and complete at least 24 credits (dual credit, AP and transfer credit is included) to be released from the program and declare their major.

Students admitted to SSP are assigned to one of seven Pathways based on their major or career interests. Additional information about pathways can be found at the following link:

Professional Advisors in the Student Success Program provide a supportive environment; offer class scheduling and curriculum information; assist with decision making; and furnish information on time management, study skills, academic planning, and connecting students with other campus resources.

For questions contact: Rhonda Meriwether, SSP Director at