Special Events

Recital Hall Technical Specifications

The Rhinehart Hall is designed to host chamber and solo performances (Classical and Jazz), master classes, "unplugged" concerts, and lectures


  • Reverberation Time: 1.3-1.8 seconds
  • Background Noise: RC 15-19

Stage Dimensions

  • Stage Width (front of stage): 33’ 9”
  • Stage Width (back wall): 30’
  • Stage Depth (front edge to back wall): 23’ 10”
  • Stage Height (from house floor): 27”
  • Grid Height: Over stage electrics are 26’-28’ above stage level. Front of house catwalks are 30’ above stage level.
  • The front edge of the stage is curved.
  • The stage is accessed via standard size double doors at the loading dock and from backstage to onstage.
  • The Stage floor is a light oak color.


There are 239 fixed seats in 2 tiers. ADA seating available.

Dressing Rooms

There are dressing rooms nearby pending availability.

Power Available

There is a 50Amp 3 phase power drop available from Auer Hall. Estimated distance is in excess of 100’. There is limited existing isolated audio and lighting power available in the venue.

There is no Shore power available for busses/trucks.

Loading Dock

There is one loading dock in the back of the building. It is a flat push from the loading dock area to the backstage/stage areas. There is a permanent ramp leading to the FOH mix position.


There are 3 “chocolate brown” motorized acoustic curtains available in the hall. They are located: on the back wall of the stage, the back wall of the house and the house right wall.

Lighting Specifications

Dimming and Circuits

  • ETC Sensor+ Dimming System ETC CEM+ 2.1.0
  • CEM+ Control Module Sensor and Series
  • ETC D20 2.4kW dimmer


  • ETC Emphasis 2D/1000 server with 125/250 faceplate
  • Intel Pentium Processor
  • A wireless RFU is available.


  • There are two catwalks over the house with 2 hanging positions on each catwalk.
  • There are 5 dead-hung electrics over the stage with hard wired fixtures.


  • There are 20 Source 4 pars hard wired to the onstage electrics.
  • There are 6 Source 4 Ellipsoidals on the front of house catwalks. (36°)
  • There are no followspots.
  • There is a chandelier over the stage that can be raised/lowered and turned on/off as needed.

Audio Specifications

Amp Rack

  • Multifunction Digital signal processor: BSS London BLU-80 (1)
  • DSP Logic Box: BSS London (1)
  • Crown CTs 4200 (1) 4 Ch -- Monitor Amp 

House System

  • DVD/VCR JVC: DR-NV7 (stage rack) (1)
  • 24 Channel Main Mixer: Allen and Heath GL2400-24
  • Utility Mixer: Mackie 1402VLZ-3 (stage rack) (1)
  • Subwoofer (self powered): Renkus-Heinz DRS18-1 (1)
  • House Speakers: D&B Audiotechnik Q7 (2)
  • House Speaker Processor/Amp: D&B Audio Technik

The mix position can be located in one of two locations:

  • If utilizing the Mackie Mixer: backstage right
  • If utilizing the Allen and Heath: center of house, main floor at rear of 1st tier of seating.

Audio Equipment

  • UHF Microphone Receiver: Shure ULXS4 (4) (at FOH mix position)
  • Handheld Mic: Shure ULX/58 (4)
  • Head Set Mics: Countryman E6 (2)
  • Lavelier Microphones: Countryman B3 (6)
  • Shure - Beta 27 Qty (2)
  • Shure: Beta 57 (2)
  • Shure: SM 58 (13)
  • Crown: PCC160 (4)
  • Audix: i5 (1)
  • Audix: OM2 (1)
  • Blue: Encore – 300 (1)
  • Shure: Beta-87A (1)
  • AKG: D112 (1)
  • Sennheiser: MD421-II (2)
  • Rode: NT5 Matched Pair (1)
  • Condenser Mic Shure KSM-44 (1)
  • Royer Stereo Ribbon Mic: SF-128Live (requires +/- 48v) (1)
  • Short Telescoping Mic Stands (2)
  • Short Boom Stands (2)
  • Collapsible Tripod Base Stands (6)
  • Passive Direct Boxes (4)
  • Mic Cable 10’ (4)
  • Mic cable 20’ (12)
  • Mic Cable 30’ (25)
  • Mic Cable 50’ (10)
  • Mic Stands boom (23)
  • Mic Stands Upright (6)
  • Kick stands (2)
  • Violet Design - Black Finger Qty (2)
  • Rode - Broadcaster Qty (1)
  • Audix - SCX25-A  Qty (2)

Monitor System

4 channels of monitors from FOH desk

Video Equipment

Video Projector: Sanyo PLC –XP57L (1)

  • 1000:1 contrast
  • 5500 lumens

The projector is permanently mounted on the back wall of the house. Motorized Roll Down Projection Screen: 9’ x 12’ The projection screen is front projection only. The screen is located on the back wall of the stage.

Headset Intercom System

  • 3 stations of Telex (on stage, FOH mix position, at utility rack)
  • 2 channel main Station (A & B) Single Channel Belt Pack (4)

Hearing Assisted System

Listen Technologies: LT-800 (16)


  • Grand Piano (7’ and 9’ Steinway)
  • Podium
  • Easels
  • Tables (banquet and cocktail)
  • Chairs (plastic or wooden folding)
  • Stanchions with Velvet Ropes
  • Music Stands
  • Conductor’s Podium
  • Choral Risers
  • Telephone Lines and High Speed Internet available with advance notice.

Venue Drawings Available here.

Recording Studio Specifications

  • 24 inputs from Auer Performance Hall (+ 8 others for a total of 32)
  • 16 inputs from Rhinehart Recital Hall
  • Digital Pro Tools TDM (D-Control) (1) Icon
  • Self Powered Monitor Loudspeakers KRK V8 (2)
  1. The Recording Room is used for audio recording of performers in other rooms, mixing and mastering.
  2. Audio tie-line connections to the Recording Room’s Machine Room are provided from the Auditorium, Recital Hall, Choral Rehearsal Room, Band Rehearsal Room, Percussion Studio, the Piano Lab and the following Practice Rooms: #140, #141, #142 and #143.
  3. The Recording Room has monitor/page audio from both the Auditorium and Recital Hall, production intercom, MATV video connections, video tie-lines and AV network connections.
  4. The Recording Room is designed to provide a quiet environment and a minimum of acoustic anomalies created by the walls, floor and ceiling.
  5. Recordings and all use of the Recording Studio are scheduled through the Music Office by calling 260-481-6714