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Special Events

Event Scheduling

Effective January 1, 2014 the Special Events Department will be using a new scheduling application. 

The new scheduling system will make it easier for you, our clients, to find the venue that will best serve your event. 

First Time Users:

You will need to register and create an account in the system by selecting “No, I have not registered on your site before.”  Each time you use the system after that you will be able to use the same account.

Booking Calendar:

To browse the calendar select the booking calendar here or from the menu list to the left. This new system schedules in "real time."  If the room you want is not available on the date and time you have entered, please try again by changing your time frame, room, or date.  Browse the booking calendar to avoid conflicts.  


Please read the definitions below and then click the corresponding button for the group that applies to the type of event you are wanting to schedule. 

  • Single Day Event - is an event occurring for one day
  • Multi Day Event - is an event that is happening over many consecutive dates
  • Recurring (Weekly or Monthly) Event - is an event that is happening more than once but not with consecutive calendar dates

Internal/Departmental Groups:

Are any IPFW Department, College, School or other operational/financial department. This includes companies in residence. A department representative must be physically present at the event. 

Single Day Event Link Multi Day Event Link Recurring Event Link



External Groups / Private Rentals:

Are those groups or individuals that have no affiliation or association with an IPFW Department, College, Office or Recognized Student Group. This does include faculty, staff or students hosting an event for personal (or non IPFW) purposes.

Single Day Event Link

Multi Day Event Link

Recurring Event Link

Music Groups:

For use by Faculty, Staff & Students of the IPFW Department of Music.  If you are an outside group or a company in residence. Please select the appropriate link from the list above. If you are trying to schedule the Auer Performance Hall please select the internal form above. 

Single Day Event LinkMulti Day Event LinkRecurring Event Link