Special Events

IPFW Intramural Fields

Rental Policies: 

  • All reservations are first come-first served. Once we have reached maximum alotted booking, no further reservations will be considered.
  • Field can be booked nine (9) months in advance of requested dates
    • With a maximum of ten (10) practice hours and (4) game hours during any one week for all reservations in that week.  
    • After six (6) days of use , one (1) day of field rest will be required.  

General Information: 

  • The opening/closing dates are weather dependent and are determined solely by the IPFW Superintendent of Grounds
  • The final decision for field playing conditions and game locations due to inclement weather will be made by the onsite IPFW Supervising Staff Member  

Rental Rates: (subject to change):

  • For Field One: $ 10/hour with a 2 hour minimum for practice and a 4 hour minimum for games
  • For Field Two: $ 15/hour with a 2 hour minimum for practice and a 4 hour minimum for games

Additional Costs: 

  • $ 50 site use fee for games (to clean up grounds) 
  • $ 60 line painting fee (when requested) 
  • Actual repair cost will be billed for excessive field damage  

Questions about this venue

How To Schedule:

Contact Ashley Malone at 260-481-0323 or by email at ashley.malone@ipfw.edu