Campus Safety

Using Your Card


      Don Dollars accounts can now be created online for new users. Existing Don Dollars account holders can check balances, see past transactions and add money to their account using a credit card.

      Please login to myIPFW, and go to your "Home" tab to gain access.  (Please note:  There is a $1.00 transaction fee for each deposit using a credit card.)

Coming soon!

  • You will be able to use your Mastodon Card to access rooms and buildings that have been equipped with electronic access control.

  • In the Fall of 2015, you will be able to use your Mastodon Card/Don Dollars account to make purchases at some on-campus vendors.

Hilliard Gates Sports Center (Fitness Center)

Fitness Center privileges are included with student fees. Gates Center access is updated electronically with class registration each semester. Gates Center privileges are updated manually at the time of purchase for spouses, dependents, and students who opt for a semester without classes.

Library Card

On your first visit, Helmke Library circulation desk staff will activate your borrowing privileges by linking the bar coded Mastodon Card to a personal data file.


Opening a Don Dollars Account

There are two ways to open a Don Dollars account.

  • Login to myIPFW (link will open in a new window), go to your "Home" tab, choose "Don Dollars account: First Time Users", and follow instructions.  We will open your account within 24 hours.

  • If you need a Don Dollars account opened/activated the same day, please go to the Campus Safety/Information Desk in Walb Union, room 127. You will need to accept and sign an Account Disclosure Statement to open/activate your Don Dollar account.                        

Deposit Money

Once your account has been opened you can add money to your Don Dollars account online using a credit card.

You can also deposit cash to your account at any of the 3 Mastodon Card stations located on Campus:

  • Kettler Hall: outside the Bursar's office.

  • Walb Union: accross from the East entrance close to the bookstore.

  • Helmke Library: First floor by the elevators. 


If you are a guest/visitor you may purchase a guest card for $1.00 (exact change only) and make a deposit at the value transfer station to make copies on campus.


Swipe your Mastodon Card at the Bursar windows, and the cashier can access your student bill and other information.


Forget your new 9-digit student identification number needed for transcripts; drop/add requests, etc.? Swipe your Mastodon Card at the Office of the Registrar and that number is revealed. Your Mastodon Card is also accepted as proof of identification for necessary transactions.

Financial Aid

Feel uneasy about revealing your personal identification out loud? Swipe your Mastodon Card at the Financial Aid office and have all of your information appear on the monitor at the counter. Your personal information is never heard by another person in line. Your Mastodon Card is also accepted as proof of identification for necessary transactions.

Follett's Bookstore

At the campus Follett's bookstore, your Mastodon Card is accepted for book buybacks, software discounts and "direct charges" to your financial aid.

Tutoring and Advising Centers

Swipe your Mastodon Card at various Tutoring and Advising Centers around campus. This will instantly bring up your student records and track your appointments.

Academic Uses

Your Mastodon Card will be required by some professors to take exams and obtain grade results.

ITS Help Desk & Computer Labs

Consultants must see your Mastodon Card at the Computer lab to answer questions about computer lab use, setup usernames, etc.

Student Recreation Center

Your Mastodon Card is required to use the billiards and table tennis equipment in the Student Recreation Center. The Recreation Center is located on the ground floor of Walb Student Union, near the Cafeteria Dining Area. Five billiards tables and table tennis are available, in addition to coin-operated video arcade games. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, Fall and Spring semesters.

Intramural Sports

Your Mastodon Card is used to verify student status for participation in Intramural Sports. Swipe your card before entering the gym to play each game.

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