Radiological and Environmental Management

Mission Statement

"To establish policies, procedures, and standard practices; audit areas and departments with the goal of reducing or eliminating preventable accidents within the campus community including, but not exclusive to, personal injury or property damage."

Faculty & Staff

Stephanie Steel

REM Environmental Health & Safety Manager

  • Office: Science Building Room G50
  • Phone: 260-481-4193
  • E-mail:

Katherine Grote

REM Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

  • Office: Science Building Room G50
  • Phone: 260-481-5744
  • E-mail:

Safety Committee

As safety becomes an increasingly important issue in the workplace, many IPFW departments are finding that preventing accidents and creating a safe work environment demands time, energy and resources. To address these demands, some departments are looking for alternatives to simply making safety the responsibility of one person. Departmental safety committees are an excellent approach to tackling multiple safety issues as well as providing a way for management and employees to work together to find solutions for safety issues in the workplace. This concept was recognized by the Physical Plant in April 1998, when the Physical Plant Safety Committee was established.

The Physical Plant Safety Committee enlists the input of departmental representatives from all fractions of the Physical Plant including:

Additionally, Jay Harris, Physical Plant Director, Greg Justice, and Stephanie Steel are members, ex officio. Bringing together experienced members from different areas helps to meet the goal of the committee and spreads the responsibility for safety throughout the department.

Emergency Contacts

  • On-campus Emergencies:
    Dial 260-481-6911
  • Off-campus Emergencies:
    Dial 911