Celebrate 50 Years

Section Number Suffixes

  • A: Alternate (off-campus) Location
  • B: Courses at Businesses
  • C: Off Campus Class
  • D: Continuing Studies Class held at IPFW campus
  • E: English as a Second Language
  • F: Consortium Class
  • G: General Studies Class
  • H: Honors Course (restricted to honors-eligible students)
  • I: Internet Class
  • L: Learning Community Class
  • M: Hybrid Class (combination of classroom and distance learning)
  • N: Television (Channel 5) Class
  • P: Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education Class
  • Q: High School-On Campus
  • S: TV Studio (LT B35) Class
  • T: Teacher Workshop
  • U: Non Credit - Access to Banner
  • V: Videostreaming Class
  • W: Weekend College Class
  • X: Indiana College Network Class (restricted to non-IPFW students)
  • Y: School Based Program Class (restricted to high school students)
  • Z: School Based Program Class - Full Year (restricted to high school students)