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IPFW is an Affirmative action/Equal opportunity university.

Room KT 101 is no longer available for scheduling.

Room request must be sent 24-48 hours before the event. If you need to request a room less than 24 hours before the event, please contact Lisa Meriwether @ 260-481-6212 or Scott Frey @ 260-481-6123.

Off-Campus (non-IPFW) groups may use this form to request rental use of the following classroom:  NF 101, LA 159, LA 35A and SB 168.  All other classrooms are not available for private use.  For other rental venues on campus, see IPFW Special Events,, or call 260-481-6612.  Private rental of campus venues requires a contract, non-refundable deposit and a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice.

Events that are for profit, involve ticket sales, are for off-campus groups, or require a room with capacity over 100 may be referred to the Special Events department. Events that involve registration and/or registration fees may be referred to the Division of Continuing Studies. Requestors will be notified if your request is referred to Special Events or Continuing Studies.

If scheduling a room for finals, please indicate it on the form.

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Room Reservation Request Form

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Completed Request goes to: IPFW Registrar's Office, Kettler Hall, Room 107

  • Confirmation of all requests will be sent through return email. A minimum of two business days is required for processing.
  • Please note: Fees may be associated with reservations for Co-Sponsored, For Profit, and Non-For-Profit groups utilizing certain venues on campus. For additional information please contact the Special Event Department at 481-6612.
  • Cancellations: If decision is made to cancel this event or to change location, please email or or contact the Registrar's Office (x16815) immediately.
  • Special Events can provide furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) If you need equipment/furniture go to the Special Events website at
  • If you need audio-visual assistance, contact IT Services at 481-6030.
  • If you need video taping, contact Instructional Video Operations at 481-6524.
  • The Registrar's office is not responsible for any Special Events or Audio-Visual requests, catering, set up or clean up.