I think I'm ready to graduate. What do I do now?

To be considered for graduation from an IPFW program, you must submit an application for graduation. By submitting this application, you are formally requesting that your academic record be audited for graduation in the specified semester. If you do not apply for graduation, this audit will not be conducted and you cannot have a degree awarded.

When and how do I apply for graduation?

A completed application for graduation is a requirement for graduation. Graduation application deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall semester: June 1
  • Spring semester: November 1
  • Summer semester: February 1

If you do not apply for graduation by the deadline, there may be a delay in posting your degree to your transcript and receipt of your diploma, and for commencement purposes, you may not be considered for honors and your name may not appear in the program.

What should I do if I receive a letter about graduation?

Follow the instructions and follow-up with the office that sent the letter to make certain the problem has been corrected. Bring the letter with you if you are going to speak with someone in person.

When will my degree show on my transcript?

Degrees are generally posted within 30 days of the close of the semester of graduation. This time could be up to 60 days for students that apply for graduation after the deadline.

When will I get my diploma?

December graduates will be notified via myIPFW email account when diplomas are available. Diplomas for May graduates will be available at the graduation celebration following the Commencement ceremony. Summer graduates will be notified via myIPFW email account when their diplomas are available. It can be up to 10 weeks before diplomas for Fall and Summer graduates arrive. Your photo ID is required to pick up your diploma at the Registrar's office.

Can you mail my diploma to me?

Graduates that live in Allen County must pick up their diploma in person. If you live outside Allen County and want your diploma mailed to you, complete the information on the email and fax or mail the signed document to the Registrar's office. Your mailing address, signature and ID are required. Alternately, you can send a letter request that includes your printed name, ID, the degree earned, mailing address, and signature. Diplomas are sent via UPS and require a signature upon delivery. Diplomas cannot be mailed to P.O. Boxes. Once the students signed request is received and the diploma has left the Registrar's office, the student assumes full responsibility for the diploma should it be damaged or lost in transit.

How will my name appear on my diploma?

Your name (first, middle/maiden, and last) as provided upon admission to the university will appear on your diploma and in the commencement program copy. Changes in your name must be done in person in the Registrar's office no later than the mid-point of the semester/session you expect to graduate. A photo ID is required for any changes.

Can someone else pick up my diploma?

To have your diploma released to another person, you may complete the information on the email and fax or mail the signed document to the Registrar's office (must include your student I.D. number, degree and signature) that identifies the person authorized to pick up your diploma to the Registrar's office. After the signed request is received, the authorized person may go to the Registrar's office to pick up the diploma. Alternately, the authorized person may go to the Registrar's office and present the signed request (must include your student I.D. number, degree and signature). In either instance, the authorized person will be required to show a photo ID, and sign for receipt of the diploma, noting their relationship to the student. IPFW reserves the right to make a photocopy of the authorized person's ID to keep in the student's record. At the point that the diploma is released to the authorized person, responsibility for the diploma transfers to the student or the authorized person.

May I get a replacement diploma?

A replacement diploma is not the same as a duplicate diploma. A graduate will not be issued a duplicate diploma (i.e. to have one to hang in the office and one to hang at home).

If your diploma is lost, damaged (the damaged diploma must be returned), or stolen, a replacement diploma may be ordered. You may also request a replacement diploma if you have had a legal change of name (original diploma must be returned along with a copy of the marriage license, divorce decree or court document noting the name change). The new name will be applied to both your replacement diploma and to your official university record.

To request a replacement diploma, complete the form available from the IPFW Registrar's office. For replacement Purdue University diplomas, return the completed form and a $65 check or money order made payable to IPFW to the IPFW Registrar's office. For replacement Indiana University diplomas, return the completed and notarized form with a $75 check or money order made payable to Indiana University to the Indiana University-Bloomington address on the form. (A $85 charge will be required for IU diplomas if international or air mail is required.) Allow at least 10 weeks for delivery of the replacement diploma.

What are the guidelines for graduating with honors?

Associate and bachelor degree candidates qualify for graduation with honors, distinction or highest distinction, by meeting the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree candidates must have a minimum of 65 resident credits included in graduation GPA; associate degree candidates must have a minimum of 35 resident credits.
  • In each division or school, the minimum graduation GPA for highest distinction must be 3.80, but never less than the 97th percentile. The minimum graduation GPA for distinction must be 3.50, but never less than the 90th percentile. Associate degree candidates are calculated separately from bachelor's degree candidates using the same requirements.
  • The required GPA, calculated each spring as outlined above, also applies to degrees for the following summer sessions and fall semester.

Who is eligible to participate in Commencement and how do I purchase my cap and gown?

Students who completed degree requirements in December, or who anticipate completing degree requirements in May or either summer session, are eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

Caps and gowns are available through the IPFW bookstore late February through mid-March with late orders taken through early April ($3 late fee assessed). All students participating in the ceremony must go to the bookstore to fill out appropriate forms and receive instruction sheets for Commencement.

Do I have to attend Commencement?

No. But you have worked hard so come celebrate with your friends, family and professors.

Do I need tickets for Commencement?

No, you do not need tickets for the Commencement ceremony.