Why can't I see my grades in myIPFW?

Grades appear in myIPFW no later than one business day after the grades have been entered by the instructor. If your grade is not in myIPFW, your instructor has not entered your final grade.

How long do instructors have to grade exams and turn in final grades?

Instructors are directed to submit their final grades within 48 hours after the final exam but no later than 12:00 noon on the Monday after the last day of the semester.

It has been two weeks since exams ended, and I still haven't received a grade for one of my courses? What should I do?

Contact your instructor and ask if a grade for you has been turned in to the Registrar's office. If the instructor has submitted a grade to the Registrar's office, you may contact the grades clerk in the Registrar's office at 260-481-6124 and she will give you an approximate time as to when your grade will be entered.

How do I get my instructor to turn in my grade?

Contact the instructor and ask them to send your grade to the Registrar's office. If you have contacted the instructor several times and received no response, contact the dean or chair of the department offering the course.

What do I do if my grade for a particular class is incorrect?

Contact your instructor immediately. The instructor can submit paperwork to the Registrar's office to have the grade corrected. You may also seek a change of grade through the Grade Appeals Policy.

How do I appeal a grade?

The Grade Appeals Policy can be used by any student who has evidence or believes that evidence exists to show that a course grade was assigned or a similar evaluation was made as a result of prejudice, caprice, or other improper condition such as mechanical error. The Grade Appeals Policy is published in the Bulletin and in the Student Handbook Planner.

How do I find out if my grade change was submitted?

If a grade change was submitted, the corrected grade will appear in myIPFW and on your unofficial and official transcript. You will not receive a corrected grade card.

What is an incomplete grade?

A grade of I may be granted to students (1) who are unable to complete specific course requirements for clearly unavoidable, nonacademic reasons (such as extended illness or relocation) and (2) whose work has been of passing quality up to that point. A grade of I will not be considered as an alternative to an anticipated low grade in a course. The decision to give an incomplete is made solely by the instructor of the course.

How long do I have to finish an incomplete?

When an instructor reports a grade of I, the instructor must provide a form that specifies the requirements for completing the course, and the specific time limit, not to exceed one calendar year, allowed for completing the course. An instructor may change the incomplete to a regular grade if requirements for the completion of the course are not met within the time specified. Given extenuating circumstances, the initial time limit may be extended for a period not to exceed one additional calendar year if approved by the instructor and the instructor's dean/division director, and if the Registrar's office is notified before the expiration of the original time limit.

If I take a class again, is the old grade removed from my transcript?

You may retake any course. Unless the course is described in the Bulletin as repeatable for credit, credit will be given only once for a repeated course, and only the most recent grade earned will be incorporated into graduation GPA calculations. The original grade you will received will always remain on the transcript, but it will not be calculated into your GPA.

What happens if I retake a course?

Repeating a course replaces the previous grade on your academic record, regardless of whether the grade is better, worse, or the same. The old grade will still be listed in your permanent record (transcript). The most recent grade will be the one counted in your overall GPA. On a Purdue transcript, you can tell that a course is not being counted in your GPA when a "-" appears between the course subject and the course number. On an IU transcript, a course that is not being counted in your GPA will appear as a FX, DX, CX, etc. If you believe that a previous grade for a repeated course is still being counted in your GPA, contact your academic advisor or department and they will take the appropriate action.

How can I get a copy of my grades?

Your final grades are available in myIPFW, or on your official or unofficial transcript.

How do I calculate my grade point average (GPA)?

  • Multiply the number of grade points earned (A=4, A-=3.7, B+=3.3, B=3, B-=2.7, C+=2.3, C=2, C-=1.7, D+=1.3, D=1, D-=.7, F=0) by the number of credit hours for the course.
  • Add all GPA credit hours together.
  • Add all grade points together.
  • Divide the total grade points by the total number of GPA credit hours.

GPA calculator is available here: Indiana University GPA Calculator

I took a condensed course. When will my grade be available?

Regardless of the length of a course, grades are not posted to a student's academic record until the end of the semester, and are not considered official until they appear on the official Indiana University or Purdue University transcript.

Can you tell me my grade over the phone?

No. According to state and federal privacy laws, we are not allowed to report grades over the phone because we cannot verify the identity of the caller. If a student comes into the Registrar's office and asks to see his/her grades, a photo ID is required.