myBLUEprint: FAQ for Students

What is myBLUEprint?

myBLUEprint is a degree audit tool used to monitor academic progress toward degree completion. It combines your academic program degree requirements and the coursework that has been completed and in which you are enrolled with easy-to-read worksheets.   These worksheets will enable you to see how these completed or in progress courses count toward degree requirements, while enabling you to see what courses and requirements still need to be completed.  Your myBLUEprint degree audit is used to certify the completion of your degree requirements for graduation.

What is a worksheet?

A myBLUEprint worksheet is an audit of completed and in progress coursework and provides information on outstanding requirements needed to fulfill an academic program.

Can students view course information in myBLUEprint?

Yes, by clicking on a course in their worksheet they can view the course description, prerequisites required, and available course sections for the upcoming term. Course sections do not show location. The Schedule of Classes search feature on the student’s myIPFW portal will show location.

Who can use myBLUEprint?

IPFW students who entered or re-entered IPFW in fall 2012 or later can run a worksheet for themselves. Students who entered or re-entered IPFW prior to fall 2012, can run a what-if worksheet for themselves to see how their classes apply to newer bulletin requirements. IPFW advisors and staff members are able to run a worksheet for any student who entered or re-entered IPFW in fall 2012 or later, or a what-if worksheet for students who entered earlier.

Why can’t students who began their studies at IPFW prior to Fall 2012 run a worksheet?

The University chose to start the myBLUEprint project starting Fall 2012. Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2012 should continue working with their academic advisor to check their degree requirements using CAPP or another existing method in place. Advisors may however utilize the “what if” worksheet to see how a student’s coursework applies to degree requirements based upon the plan of study beginning Fall 2012 or later.

What is the Plans feature?

Plans is a tool for students and advisors to arrange course requirements into future semester blocks for planning and tracking purposes. Students should develop a plan with their advisor, who will then approve and lock the plan. The State of Indiana encourages students to complete their baccalaureate degree in four years by taking 15 credits each semester. For more information, please see the web site at 

Will advisors be able to see a student's plan?

Yes. Advisors can see a student’s plan and participate in the planning process. There is a Notes section within the planner, as well, that allows advisors to communicate additional information.

If a student puts a course in their plans, are they automatically registered for that course in that future semester?

No. The planner is for planning purposes only. Students will register through myIPFW portal as before.

Is the course students plan for guaranteed in that future semester?

No. The planner is for planning purposes only. Final course schedules are available to students online shortly before registration. If a student discovers that a course option planned is not being offered, we recommend finding a substitute course to take and move the original course, if still needed, to a future term.

What is the "What If" feature?

The "What If" function allows students to hypothetically change major or minor. The new "What If" audit will show the coursework that is required for this major or minor, what courses have been taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left to take.

What does the Term Calculator show?

The Term Calculator will show students estimated cumulative GPA after filling in hypothetical grade information. By entering students current earned credits and GPA and placing the in-progress courses in the table (this all will default) along with the grade anticipate for current courses, they will see a revised cumulative GPA based on the estimates provided.

What does the Graduation Calculator show?

Students enter the GPA they would like to have at graduation. The Graduation Calculator will show what GPA is needed to average over their remaining semesters to obtain the desired GPA at graduation.

What does the Advice Calculator show?

The advice calculator will show students how many credits must be earned at a certain GPA to achieve desired GPA.

What if I think my worksheet is incorrect?

Please consult with your advisor. While we have worked closely with all departments across campus, every unique situation is impossible to anticipate.

My major is wrong and/or my minor/concentration does not appear on my worksheet.

You need to contact your advisor to get your major, minor, concentrations updated as appropriate.

My advisor approved a course substitution and it isn’t showing.

Contact your advisor.

How often should I review myBLUEprint worksheet?

At least four times a term:

1. Before you meet with your advisor, noting items about which you have questions.

2. After you register to ensure the courses apply to your requirements as you expected.

3. After your grades are posted.

4. Any time you make changes to your schedule.

How is myBLUEprint worksheet different from my transcript?

The worksheet in myBLUEprint  is a tool to assist you with planning and tracking your progress towards degree.
Your IU or Purdue transcript is your official university record.

myBLUEprint placed one of my courses in two different places. Is that okay?

In most cases, yes. It is programmed to recognize that some courses may be used to fulfill more than one requirement. If you have questions, you should consult with your advisor.

I’m working on two degrees (B.A. and a B.S.). Only one appears. How can I review the progress on the other degree?

Look at the degree information next to your name at the top of the screen. You’ll notice that the degree box has a drop-down arrow. Use this to select your second degree.

I’ve seen the @ symbol. What does this mean?

This is a wildcard. If the @ sign appears with a course number after it (e.g. @ 30000:49999), you can take that any course number in that range  in any subject. If it appears after the subject (e.g. PSY @), you can take any Psychology course.

Can I make more than one plan?

Yes, but mark only one as active. IPFW will collect information in the planners to assist departments in planning future offerings to help meet your goal towards graduation.