Degree Requirements

How do I know what is required for my major?

A student should consult with their academic advisor concerning requirements for their major. Requirements are also available in the Bulletin.

How do I know what class to take to meet General Education requirements?

A student should consult with their academic advisor each semester before enrolling to determine courses still needed to satisfy General Education requirements for their major. General Education requirements are also listed in the Bulletin.

How do I know which classes count where?

A student can obtain this information by running an unofficial degree evaluation (CAPP). You may access CAPP at any time in OASIS by clicking on Student Services and Financial Aid and then Student Records. The unofficial degree evaluation matches completed and registered classes with the requirements for degree program and produces a report. This report shows how the classes taken apply to the degree requirements and what classes need to be completed in the future. Use this report with assistance from your academic advisor to make decisions about what classes to take.


How many hours do I need to earn my degree?

For completion of undergraduate plans of study of at least 60 credits, associate degrees may be conferred. For completion of undergraduate plans of study of at least 120 credits, bachelor's degrees may be conferred. These are minimum standards set by the university. Schools and divisions may impose stricter requirements so contact your academic advisor for specific requirements of your plan of study.

What is CAPP?

CAPP (Curriculum Advising and Program Planning) is IPFW’s online degree evaluation system. The system allows students to track their degree progress and academic standing, as well as the ability to explore other majors and their requirements. You can access CAPP in OASIS under Student Services and Financial Aid>Student Records>IPFW Unofficial Degree Evaluation.

How do I substitute or waive a course requirement?

To waive or substitute a course requirement for your degree program, contact your academic advisor. Your advisor has the ability to waive course requirements and/or substitute courses you have taken for your graduation requirements.


What do I do if my CAPP report is inaccurate?

If you feel any part of your CAPP report is inaccurate, discuss this with your academic advisor. It may be a simple matter of re-assigning or substituting a course to meet a particular requirement.

How will my transfer credits apply to my program or degree at IPFW?

The Admissions office determines how transfer courses are equivalent to IPFW courses. Contact your academic advisor to discuss how these equivalencies will apply to your program or degree. You can also run a unofficial degree evaluation in CAPP to get an unofficial report of how your transfer credits may apply to your program or degree.