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Exclusive Rights and Caterers

Exclusive Rights for Campus Vendors

If you are planning on purchasing food or beverages for a university function, here are the exclusive rights of our campus food and beverage vendors that need to be followed.


Pepsi has the exclusive rights to provide carbonated soft drinks, bottled or packaged waters, bottled or packaged fruit drinks, bottled or packaged fruit juices, bottled or packaged ready-to-drink teas and coffees, sports or isotonic drinks whenever these beverages are sold, distributed, dispensed or sampled on IPFW grounds.  If university funds are used to purchase the beverages they need to be Pepsi products.  If a sponsor wants to donate beverages for an IPFW event, they need to be Pepsi products.

Exceptions: Pepsi has granted IPFW the right to have some competitive products sold at Follett's Mastodon Mart in the ground floor of Walb below YOYOS.  Also store brand bottled or packaged water e.g. Kroger, Walmart, purchased by IPFW to distribute free of charge at meetings or events with groups of 250 or less is also permissible.  However, Pepsi may be able to provide a good price on the water and it would be delivered.  Contact the Purchasing Department for further information.