Purchasing and Support Services

For IPFW Departments

General Information

The IPFW Purchasing Department procures goods and services in support of our academic mission. IPFW uses many purchasing methods to obtain goods and services. Departments may make incidental purchase of small dollar amounts by using a Purdue University MasterCard, and in some cases direct bill. All other purchases require a purchase order which are entered in Purdue's Ariba system.  Departments have staff trained by our purchasing agent/trainer to enter these orders.   

Purdue has contract pricing with various vendors for such items such as office supplies, computers, printers, custodial supplies to name a few.  This contract pricing can be found via the catalog purchasing process in Ariba, Purdue's purchasing system.  Department staff trained in using Ariba are typically familiar with this catalog process.

IPFW departments have an established internal process for purchasing authorizations and staff trained to enter orders in the Purdue Purchasing system. IPFW Staff should always follow their department procedures before initiating any purchase of goods or services. Should an agreement or contract be involved with the purchase do NOT sign.  Please notify your business manager and forward the contract to the Purchasing director for review and signature.  The end user of the contract should complete the Contract Ownership Responsibilities form and send to the Purchasing director.

Consider any special requirements that your purchase may require such as electrical power, network drops.  Does the equipment require special power, ventilation or be of such a size and weight that delivery to the room could be an issue or whether the space in mind is adequate. Before the purchase is made these potential problems should be addressed with the appropriate department such as Physical Plant, ITS, or Shipping/Receiving.  The Purchasing department is happy to assist the department and vendor in working through these issues if we are made aware of them.

IPFW staff should always contact Purchasing prior to purchasing item or items that are estimated to cost $10,000 or more as Purdue policy requires a formal bid process through the Purchasing department be followed (see Purchasing Steps for more details). We recommend IPFW staff contact the Purchasing department for best pricing on any order where the department budget may see the benefit of getting quotes.

Any questions concerning a purchase by IPFW should be directed to the appropriate Purchasing agent. Click here to determine which agent best suits your needs, otherwise contact the Purchasing department. IPFW assumes no liability for obligations except those incurred in accordance with IPFW purchasing policy.

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