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Printing Services

Print Request

Email Option

The print request form is online in .PDF format. You can use the form as a guide to email the information required to print your job along with electronic copies of the files to be printed. Your files to be printed should be in .PDF format and not to exceed 12 megabytes.

Here is the critical information needed, please reference the online request form to avoid missing an important option:

  • Name
  • Department/Office
  • Fund
  • Cost Center/Order
  • Date submitted
  • Date due
  • Where item is to be delivered
  • Job description
  • Quantity
  • All the job particulars i.e. black/white copy or color copy, paper size, paper color, folds, cuts, etc.

Click here to open the Print Request Form [PDF] and use as your guide. Email request information and copies of the files to be printed in .PDF format.

Hard Copy Options

You can continue to use the multi-part form provided by Printing Services to send a hard copy request form, or you can follow these instructions to complete and send a copy of this online form via campus mail. Either way, be sure to send copies of the files that you need copied. Please follow these instructions to send a hard copy of the online request form.:

  • Open the Print Request Form [PDF]
  • Complete and print the form
  • Send this hard copy and any files to be printed via campus mail to Printing Services


To schedule an appointment with Printing Services, contact Lisa Eley.


For an estimate on your print job, contact our Estimating Dept.