Physical Plant

Moving Information

The University recommends that only the moving staff move desks, furniture, and boxes. If you wish, you can move personal items, plants, and lightweight items. The moving crew will not disconnect or reconnect electrical, plumbing, gas fittings, computers, or fax machines. If you have any questions, contact the Physical Plant Office at 260-481-6832.


Empty all items from desks, tall storage cabinets and all open book shelves completely. Furniture items may be placed on end in order to fit into moving trucks and/or elevators.

File Cabinets

File cabinets will be moved full except for lateral files (four and five drawer); these need to be emptied.


Empty all refrigerators and upright freezers. Some equipment may require disassembly for clearance reasons with proper approval (check your warranties).

Lab and Office Relocation

  • Make certain everything to be moved is marked (indicating room/location where it is to go)
  • Do not use stick on or "post it " notes unless they are taped on to items requiring to be moved
  • Only marked items will be moved
  • Empty desks of all contents
  • Remove all pictures from walls/doors
  • Empty all bookcases and bookshelves
  • Lock all file cabinets. If cabinets cannot be locked due to key unavailability leave a note indicating "do not lock"
  • Lock all file cabinets. If cabinets cannot be locked due to key unavailability leave a note indicating "do not lock"
  • Empty 2 door storage cabinets (tall and small). Most cabinets have a false bottom and will be damaged in moving if loaded
  • Packed boxes with fragile items should be marked clearly as "fragile"
  • Personal Computers/printers/towers will not be moved by building services personnel. Make arrangements with ITS
  • Arrangements to have your telephones/computers relocated and transferred are the responsibility of individual departments
  • A plan view of the new office arrangement needs to be taped to the back door of new office showing furniture & equipment locations. Please use a tape measure to be certain desired location of items will fit in space indicated
  • All furniture and equipment that needs to be stored or placed in salvage sales needs to have the approval and work order from Nancy Grote prior to building services being able to relocate it
  • Personal items, rugs, heirlooms/glass & etc. need to be handled and moved by the occupant to insure these items are not damaged during the moving process
  • Painting, Stripping and Waxing request will be handled a schedule basis by the Physical Plant department on a work order basis
  • Boxes for packing need to be obtained from the Warehouse personnel
  • Steelcase relocation's need to be approved & designed through the Purchasing department & then scheduled through the Physical Plant Department