Office of Student Affairs

What did you learn about what IPFW expects from you? Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions: 

1.     In the “Grade Shock” chart, which letter grade had the largest gap between expected and earned?

a.      Mostly A’s

b.     Mostly B’s

c.      Mostly C’s

d.      Lower than C

2.     Which statement indicates that the speaker understands university expectations?

a.      “I am not going to buy the required books until I am sure I’ll need them.”

b.     “Students are expected to learn more than what the course teaches.”

c.      “Good teachers do not ask questions about material they didn’t cover.”

d.      “Exams should include only material covered in the required text(s).”

3.     The two principles  of IPFW’s Baccalaureate Framework covered in Exercises 1-4 were—

a.      Acquisition of Knowledge and Application of Knowledge

b.     Communication and Critical Thinking

c.      Problem Solving and Professional Values

d.      Sense of Community and Personal Values

4.     Which statement is the most true within the context of Exercises 1-4?

a.      “Students are only responsible for what the professor teaches.”

b.     “Students are only tested on what the readings cover.”

c.      “Students are asked both to acquire and to apply knowledge.”

d.      “University learning is just like high school learning, just at a faster pace.”

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