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Four Tools for College Success

Welcome Students and Student Families!

Previous students got a big surprise when they saw the gap between the grades they expected and the grades they actually earned at IPFW. To get a sense of their “grade shock,” see the chart "Grade Expectations vs Actual Grades Received".


 Chart Showing Progress

Overall, university students spend about half as much time in class as high school students; however, they are expected to learn much more. Efforts that earned A’s in high school do not measure up to university expectations. To help students understand the difference, IPFW’s faculty frame basic assignments around the first two principles of our Baccalaureate Framework: the Acquisition of Knowledge and the Application of Knowledge. Click here to explore all six of the objectives of IPFW’s Baccalaureate Framework.

On the banner running across the top of this page, click on the four exercises to explore how you can avoid grade shock. There exercises illustrate what IPFW faculty expect from you, particularly in terms of how you acquire knowledge and how you apply it. Note that you DO NOT have to complete all four at once. Be patient and give the exercises your best effort.

When you have completed the four exercises, you will be invited to provide your feedback to help us judge how effectively this website guides your understanding of these four basic tools for college success.