Office of Student Affairs

Assessment and Information

The Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Division believes an ongoing program of assessment and information sharing is integral to our efforts to advance our strategic priorities in fulfillment of our mission. The following principles inform assessment in Student Affairs:

1.      We engage in assessment as a matter of accountability, generativity, and responsibility.

2.      Our assessment efforts are focused on outcomes related to efficiency, satisfaction, and learning, but those efforts are not limited to outcomes alone. We believe it is equally important that our assessment program also include attention to the campus environment and perceptions about process.

3.      While we seek to be skilled in assessment, we recognize and respect the expertise of others on campus that can help us assure the quality of our assessment activities.

4.      The data we gather do not belong to us. They belong to those who share their experiences with us and to the campus community.

5.      The real power of the data is not fully realized unless the data are shared for the purposes of discussion leading to either affirmation, modification, or transformation that help support the success of our students and our university.