About Us

Student Affairs Mission and Priorities

Student Affairs promotes an accessible, affordable, and student-centered campus environment through its services, programs, and policies.

In pursuit of our mission, we provide leadership or partnership in efforts to:

  • Recruit, enroll, engage, retain, and graduate a diverse and talented student body
  • Foster acquisition and application of knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills*
  • Promote multiculturalism, global perspectives, and social justice*
  • Develop commitment to service, leadership, and citizenship*
  • Encourage ethical and values-driven decision-making
  • Cultivate and celebrate excellence
  • Involve campus and community partners
  • Utilize current assessment and research, promising practices, and appropriate and innovative technologies
  • Advance the scholarship of practice and teaching in student affairs
  • Uphold the highest standards of our institutions and our profession

* Reflecting the learning outcomes identified in IPFW’s Baccalaureate Framework

Strategic Framework

The strategic priorities for Student Affairs are informed by a variety of planning and information resources.  Included among these are the strategic goals described in Plan 2020 (IPFW’s strategic plan), the proposal for signature program clusters, the seven themes identified in the University Strategic Alignment Process (USAP) report of Spring 2015, the learning out comes of IPFW’s Baccalaureate Framework, and various regional and state-wide planning documents. 

 Strategic Priorities

Student Affairs has identified six areas of strategic priority for its services and programs moving forward.  They are: retention; leadership; belonging/community; and wellness.