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New Program Proposals

When the Graduate Curriculum Subcommittee or the Undergraduate Curriculum Subcommittee receive a new program proposal, the Office of Academic Affairs distributes it, on behalf of the Subcommittee, to all deans and division directors and department chairs for comment.

Please review the proposal(s) listed below by the listed date. Submit your comments, using the appropriate comment sheet (either graduate or undergraduate). Additional inquiries should be directed to Carol S. Sternberger, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies at sternber@ipfw.edu or (260) 481-5798.

Current Program Proposals

There are new program proposals as of January 7, 2015. Please respond by January 31, 2015.


Program Request #39:  Proposal for Concentration in Genetics, Cellular, and Molecular Biology


Program Request #38:  Proposal for Concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner


Undergraduate Program Evaluation Sheet

Graduate Program Evaluation Sheet