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Course and Course Change Requests 

To file a remonstrance or receive additional information, please e-mail Steve Sarratore by the deadline listed below.

Additional inquiries should be directed to Steven T. Sarratore Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs at sarrator@ipfw.edu or (260) 481-6536.

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Current Remonstrance List

Course Requests #'s 908 through 916 Posted October 2, 2014
Please respond by October 31, 2014


Requests with changes in course requisites only:

Course Request #908 PSY 44100: Advanced Research in Personality and Social Psychology

Course Request #909 PSY 43100: Advanced Psychobiology

Course Request #910 ECE 35800: Introduction to VHDL

Course Request #911 ECE 36800: Data Structures

Other requests:

Course Request #912 CNET 44800: Senior Capstone Design Project II

Course Request #913 NUR 43500: Applied Pharmacology in Nursing

Course Request #914 HTM 33700: Culinary Traditions of Italy

Course Request #915 PHYS 42300: Adaptive and Fourier Optics

Course Request #916 PHYS 4XX00: Nonlinear Optics