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Course and Course Change Requests 

To file a remonstrance or receive additional information, please e-mail Steve Sarratore by the deadline listed below.

Additional inquiries should be directed to Carol S. Sternberger Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies at sternber@ipfw.edu or (260) 481-5798.

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Current Remonstrance List

Course Requests #'s 980 through 1001 Posted April 6, 2015
Please respond by April 30, 2015


Requests with changes in course requisites only:

Course Request #980 ARET 12400: Architectural Engineering Construction I
Course Request #981 ARET 22200: Architectural Engineering Construction II
Course Request #982 ARET 22300: Digital Graphics for the Built Environment II
Course Request #983 ARET 28100: Environmental Equipment for Building I
Course Request #984 CET 10400: Environmental Surveying
Course Request #985 ARET 32400: Sustainable Construction
Course Request #986 CET 20600: Construction Surveying
Course Request #987 CET 25300: Hydraulics and Drainage
Course Request #988 CET 38100: Structural Analysis
Course Request #989 CNET 27600: Specs, Contracts, and Codes
Course Request #990 CNET 28000: Quantity Estimating
Course Request #991 CNET 34400: Constructed Project Quality I
Course Request #992 CNET 44200: Cost Estimating
Course Request #993 CNET 44300: Engineered Construction
Course Request #994 CNET 44500: Construction Project Management
Course Request #995 CNET 45700: Construction Safety
Course Request #996 ECE 27000: Introduction to Digital System Design
Course Request #997 FNR 22500: Dendrology and Wildland Plants I

Requests to add existing courses offered at another campus:

Course Request #998 HTM 39200: Classical Cuisine
Course Request #999 HTM 39700: Honors Independent Undergraduate Research
Course Request #1000 HTM 49900: Feasibility Studies and Business Development in Hospitality and Tourism


Request with changes in course requisites only:

Course Request #1001 ECE 56700: FPGA Designs for Signal Processing Applications