Office of Academic Affairs

Course Processing: Purdue courses are processed with all paper-based forms and signatures.

Course Processing Flowchart - updated 5/17

Approval Process for PU

Undergraduate Courses - updated 5/17

Dual and Graduate Courses - updated 5/17
Graduate credit courses also require approval by the Purdue University Graduate School.

Course Processing Consultation

  For more information contact Carol S. Sternberger at or call (260) 481-5798.

Matching Courses

 Resources for locating matching IU or Purdue courses

Purdue Courses

Submission Process: Send the completed form(s)* with Department Head and School Dean signatures to Carol S. Sternberger, Kettler Hall, Room 174 for bi-monthly remonstrance processing. An email notification will be sent to deans and chairs when the remonstrance list is published and ready for review.

*Matching courses require extra processing by the requesting department - please see instructions.

Only new and matching course requests are posted for remonstrance. The other course requests are also posted.

PU Course Remonstrance List

PU Course Remonstrance Archive

To file a remonstrance regarding a particular course or to receive additional information about a course or program request, please contact Carol S. Sternberger at or call (260) 481-5798 by the deadline for the remonstrance.

Upon final approval, the registrar office updates the catalog and contacts the originating department.


New Course Numbers: Please reserve a new number by contacting the registrar.

Additional signatures required for matching courses (courses that already exist in the master catalog). The department chair is responsible for contacting and getting signatures from other campuses.




Purdue Undergraduate

(New and matching courses require that a syllabus be attached)

Form 40: for new, matching, or changed undergraduate courses, includes instructions for undergraduate course additions, expirations, or revisions


Purdue Graduate

(New and matching courses require that a syllabus be attached)

Supporting Document for Graduate Form 40G for a new course

Form 40G: for new, matching, or changed graduate courses

For a new graduate course or adding an existing course from the Purdue campus




image of clock

2017-18 Timeline for Changes to Existing/New Programs

Core Transfer Library


Listing of courses that will transfer among all Indiana public college and university campuses, assuming adequate grades.

Classification of Instructional Programs


Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP codes) provides a taxonomic scheme that supports accurate tracking and reporting of fields of study and program completions activity.

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