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Mission and Values of The Alliance


The Alliance is a community of educators committed to the celebration, development, and elevation of a diverse culture of teaching at IPFW and in our region. We seek to enrich teaching and learning by fostering a collaborative community to serve faculty, staff, and students, dedicated to the pursuit of authentic learning. The Alliance promotes creativity, boldness, enjoyment, and growth as pathways to excellence in teaching and learning.


Values of The Alliance

Diversity and inclusion
Meaningful work
Mutual service and support

Organizational Structure
oard of the Alliance for Teaching Enrichment (BOATE):

Charge: Plan, continuously improve, budget, maintain liaison with faculty and administration, and manage the calendar. 

Composition: Captains of other teams, appropriate Assistant/Associate Vice-Chancellor from Academic Affairs, and two at-large members elected from the membership (beginning 17-18). The Admiral of this committee must be a member of the Alliance and is elected by the BOATE.

COMPASS Teams of the Alliance

Composition: 5-8 members who serve two year terms, limited to two consecutive terms on the same team. Teams may seek nominations (self or other) and may make invitations; BOATE decides the membership of each team for the next year.

Celebration Team:
Composition: At least three major units represented. 

Charge: Celebrate teaching (including boldness and creativity) and enact values of inclusion, diversity and enjoyment.

Outreach Team:
Composition: 5-7 members: representation from FACET, CELT, 3 additional faculty/staff members, and 2 students

Charge: Serve as a hub for sharing ideas; collaborate with other entities on campus such as CELT, FACET, IRSC, DCS, OACS; facilitate interest groups from campus and community for specific teaching related topics; and facilitate departments in their mentoring of teaching

Membership Team:
Composition: 5 members who have been contributors; representative of membership (faculty, staff, students)       

Charge: Select members; develop, incorporate and revise criteria for membership; foster continuing commitment; and guide membership through roles of inclusion 

*Programming Team (to be added in the future) – coordinate programming amongst all the boards, offer programming not offered by other boards

*Assessment Team (to be added in the future) – assess alliance efforts, goals and progress toward mission       

Scholarly Teaching Team:
Composition: 5 people, multiple colleges represented.        

Charge: Disseminate and help with personalization and assessment of teaching innovations and classroom creativity.

Student Team:
Composition: 5 faculty plus 3 students; coordination needed with Advising and IRB; BOATE to seek nominations and appoint

Charge: Identify meaningful resources about who IPFW students are and make them accessible to faculty, staff, and students and promote active student leadership and participation in order to include the student perspective in our collaborative community

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