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2017-2018 Alliance Action Items by Team


Plan a series of informal social gatherings “First Friday”…

  • Survey membership to determine optimal day(s) of the week, time(s)
Fall 2017
August 25th
October 6th
November 3rd
December 1st

Spring 2018
January 12th
February 2nd
March 2nd
April 6th


Consider ways to collaborate with high school teachers or high schools’ Instructional Coaches

  • Start this conversation by getting the following people together
    • ENG (Karol Dehr), Com (Kevin Stoller), MATH (John LaMaster), involve Ann Brown, and DCS (Karen Van Gorder and Faith Roswall)

Host faculty learning communities for IPFW instructors who teach/ are the below with a possible goal of each group developing workshops or resources that could be provided to the university at large:

  • First year students
  • Online instructors
  • Those with knowledge on teaching students with disabilities
  • LTLs

  • Clarify membership roles/ commitments
  • With Outreach, create opportunities for dual credit to meet with faculty teaching those courses
  • With CELT, alliance clip board, newsletter (info what we do)
  • Promote LTL membership


(Team to be added in the near future.)

  • Coordinate programming amongst all the boards, offer programming not offered by other boards

(Team to be added in the near future.)

  • Assessment of alliance efforts, goals and progress toward mission
Scholarly Teaching Team
  1. Research: Teaching showcase
  2. Research: Faculty course exchange
  3. IRB Assistance for research
  4. Research: Gather teaching success/ failure stories
Student Team
  • Understanding our students
  • Series of brown bag work with Outreach
  • Student Design of teaching workshop- focus group/survey
  • Students as faculty mentor

2016-2017 Alliance Action Items by Team

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