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The Alliance for Teaching Enrichment is a new organization of IPFW faculty created to bring together those most interested in student success, quality instruction, and advancing the academic mission of the University. The Alliance's second annual Teaching Alliance Showcase is Thursday, September 28 from 4:30 - 7:30 at the Steel Dynamics Keith Busse Alumni Center.

2017-2018 New Faculty Institute

All of the following workshops are 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. and held in Neff 146.

New faculty are expected to attend these events if not teaching a class.  Calendar (See second page.)

Friday, September 15

Lunch and assessing your teaching success at IPFW; Facilitated by the Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
How are you doing?  Using midterm evaluations/SGIDs/CATs to assess your teaching now.  Preparing student evaluations to assess your teaching at the end of the semester.

Friday, October 20

Documenting your success at IPFW; Facilitated by Associate Vice Chancellor Marcia Dixson and Associate Dean Mary Cooper

    • Governance Structure
    • Senate Documents
    • Your college documents
    • Reappointment process
    • Promotion and Tenure process and support resources
November 10

Teaching IPFW students with high impact practices (HIP); Facilitated by Associate Deans Terri Swim and Kim McDonald

What are high impact practices?  Why should we care? Which are useful for you?  What resources do we have to help you develop/offer HIPs?

January 19

Advising IPFW students: What you need to know and do; Facilitated by IPFW Advising Council
Know:  General Education, Baccalaureate framework, myBLUEprint, Banner
Do: Intrusive advising

February 9

Resources for research at IPFW; Facilitated by Helmke Library
Under construction: Finding the right journal for you including publishing in open access and avoiding predatory journals.

March 16

How to get your research done at IPFW; Facilitated by Associate Dean Bruce Kingsbury
IPFW Writing Circle, successful researchers panel, accountability colleagues

April 13

Lunch and discussion of how your year at IPFW went.  What do you need next year?  Facilitated by Department Chair Beverly Redman
Open discussion


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