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2012 April 9

SMA Tilley was at IPFW campus to talk about veteran and service members transition into the civilian sector. At10:00 am in the new International Ballroom, Walb Rm 150. It was a great infromation session.

 SMA Tilley at MSS lecture eventChancellor Wartell: SMA Tilley lecture by MSS









 COL Augustine from 122nd Air Guard: At SMA Tilley lecture by MSSSM Benham: SMA Tilley lecture by MSSSMA Tilley & Tiffany Kravec: MSS Certificat of appreciation





2011 November 11

Military Student Services would like to invite everyone to come join us Friday, November 11th at 11:00am for our 2nd annual Veterans Day Flag ceremony. The Ceremony will be held on the campus green between Neff and LA Buildings.

2011 August 31

Military Student Services for IPFW and Ivy Tech CC-NE is planning a Miltary Family Picnic for all student service members, veterans, and their families from both Ivy Tech andIPFW. The Picnic will be held on August 31st, from 1400-1800 at the ITCC North Campus Patio and Baseball field. Free picnic lunch for all. Plan to set aside the afternoon to come join us on the patio and honor our military families.

Families enjoying the picnic

2011 August 23

‎"Fighting Words- a Dialogue on Women in the Military" play will be on the second floor of Walb Union room 2224-6.

2010 November 11

In 2010 IPFW had it's first Veterans Day Flag Ceremony and Military Student Services had the honor of coordinating the event. IPFW's ROTC (Researve Officers' Training Corps) and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 857 posted the colors. Chancellor Wartell and Veterans gave great speeches to honor our veterans. The Veterans day Flag Ceremony will now be an annual IPFW event.

IPFW First Veterans Day Flag Ceremony

Chancellor Wartell With IPFW ROTC and VFW 857 Veterans

2010 IPFW First Veterans Day Flag Ceramony