Marketing Communications
  1. Commercial Promotions/Digital Use
  2. Sponsored Events
  3. Off-Campus Advertising
  4. Photographs/Illustrations of IPFW

Commercial Promotions / Digital Use

The use of IPFW's Trademarks in conjunction with a commercial promotion, including a commercial Internet site or mobile application, may be permissible if the following criteria are met:

  • The promotion or use must be beneficial to IPFW. This benefit may be tangible or intangible.
  • The use must be consistent with IPFW's institutional mission, vision, and values as outlined by the current strategic plan.
  • The use must be consistent with all other provisions of this policy.
  • Approval of such use must be granted by IPFW Marketing Communications.

Requests for approval to use the IPFW Trademarks shall be communicated to IPFW Marketing and Creative Services in writing. The university may require that such promotions operate under a promotional license, which would be issued by IPFW's licensing agent.

Sponsored Events

When IPFW is an invited participant in an event or is co-sponsoring an event, and the event sponsor's trademarks are used to name the event, IPFW allows the use of its Trademarks in conjunction with the sponsor’s/event's trademarks to promote the event. IPFW Marketing Communications must specifically approve each such use.

Off-Campus Advertising

The use of IPFW's Trademarks in advertisements in various media, including but not limited to TV, radio, print, Internet, and mobile, may be permissible if any of the following four criteria are met:

  • The advertisement promotes the sale of officially licensed IPFW merchandise;
  • The official IPFW Seal is not used;
  • The advertisement does not state or imply any endorsement of the company or its products by IPFW; and
  • The advertisement artwork is approved in writing by IPFW Marketing Communications prior to publication/launch/air date, and complies with any other requirements imposed by this document and/or Marketing and Creative Services.

Photographs/Illustrations of IPFW

A license agreement is required and royalties are due if:

  • The picture or illustration is used as a graphic decoration on a commercial product.
  • The packaging or advertisement for the product that contains or carries a photograph or illustration is presented in a manner that implies affiliation or association with IPFW.
  • IPFW's Trademarks (including the name "Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne” or “IPFW") appear on any packaging or promotional materials and/or announcements that promote the merchandising of the product.

A license agreement is not required and no royalties are due if:

  • The photograph or illustration is being purchased for noncommercial
    (in-home) use.
  • The photograph or illustration is to be used in a commercial establishment as decoration, but only in a manner that would not imply an affiliation, endorsement, or association with IPFW.
  • The photograph or illustration is being used by a recognized news-gathering service for publication or broadcast.
  • The photograph or illustration is being used in a historical context by a recognized news agency, publisher, or other service.
  • The photograph or illustration is used in an entertainment or artistic context, such as commercial movies or TV shows. IPFW Marketing Communications must receive written requests for this use.