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Executive Summary

IPFW Identity/Brand Development

The cornerstone of effective identity management is sound guidelines for asset use and making assets readily available. IPFW Marketing Communications recognizes that the university has grown and changed without the availability of the guidelines necessary to use and apply IPFW logos and trademarks, nor has the university fully leveraged our licensing and royalty program. This document provides guidelines that address institutional challenges in managing and communicating IPFW logos and trademarks usage, as well as providing insight into the value of protecting and managing both the integrity and long-term brand value of our trademarks. The goal of this program is to foster growth of IPFW licensed products while providing consumer access to quality licensed merchandise.


Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne is recognized as an economic, cultural, and societal leader in northeast Indiana. Our exemplary standards in teaching and research provide unparalleled value for career preparation and professional development. The growth of the university, its alumni, and increasing regional attention have produced a demand for products that display the trademarks, logos, and symbols associated with IPFW.

The purpose of the IPFW Logo Usage Recommendations and Guidelines is to protect and control the use of all marks and to ensure the image and integrity of the university is not damaged. It also protects the name and trademarks of the university such as the IPFW primary mark (triangle logo), IPFW Seal, and the Tusky head, while enhancing the institution’s image. This is ensured through the approval of the use of the trademarks on all marketing materials and merchandise.

The guidelines contained herein provide information regarding use of IPFW logos/marks, the need for licensing, logo/mark usage in various contexts, NCAA requirements, and the opportunity for garnering greater IPFW royalties through licensed retail sales.

The Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne Logo Usage Guidelines and Recommendations will help the university move forward together by communicating a more consistent identity across all IPFW branded promotional items, marketing materials, and merchandise. Through your support of these guidelines and feedback, IPFW will achieve greater recognition in northeast Indiana and beyond.

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