About Us

Reaching IPFW’s customers through strategic marketing communications.


As a unit that supports the Vice Chancellor for Advancement’s mission to secure philanthropic support and promote IPFW’s mission, Marketing Communications’ mission is to promote the university and its mission through student recruitment and retention, fundraising, and image and visibility initiatives.

Mission Alignment

We align with IPFW’s mission and strategic plan by investing 50% of our resources in student recruitment and retention, 25% in fundraising, and 25% in image and visibility initiatives.


Our vision is to articulate marketplace conditions and create and qualify subsequent demand (for university services) on behalf of the university and its constituents in support of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement’s vision to put meaning at the center of our community, one interaction at a time.


We value institutional tradition, pride, and advocacy, as well as departmental mission alignment, strategic planning, focus, data, standards, continuous improvement, customer service, internal and external relationship management, business operations, accountability, collaboration, innovation, and experimentation.