Mastodon Advising Center

Exploring Majors

The Exploratory Majors program is no longer admitting new students since admission requirements to IPFW changed in 2012.

The Exploratory Majors program serves students who do not qualify for regular admission into their intended major and would benefit from the extra attention. Professional advisors in the Mastodon Advising Center (MAC) provide information and direction toward special programs, sound academic skills, and tutorial services. Those admitted to the program are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities related to their intended major and work closely with professional academic advisors to ensure that they reach their educational goals.

Students in the program must report their academic progress to their advisors, who can help identify any support services that may be needed. Students who complete at least 12 credits and earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher are in most cases eligible to declare their academic major.

MAC cares about the success of all Exploratory students. For that reason, we require all Exploratory students to participate in the Academic Student Achievement Program (ASAP!). The mission of ASAP! is to provide an early warning system that identifies students in need of intervention during that semester. Another objective is to enhance the relationships and communication among students, advisors and faculty. Additional information about ASAP! can be found in the office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs.